Blog Reborn


I recover this blog in the name of Gaming!

I am starting a new Pathfinder game. There are a few noteworthy things about this game:

It’s my first shot at being a GM. All but two of the players have never played any RPGs. The two that have, have not played Pathfinder. Until I . . . → Read More: Blog Reborn

Pork Rib and Cider Stew with Dumplings

1.5 – 2 pounds of country style pork ribs. Bone in will have more flavor, boneless are easier. These are the big, meaty and somewhat fatty ribs, not like ribs you would get at a BBQ place. Salt, Pepper 2-3 tbs olive oil, same amount of flour 1 can of diced tomatoes 3-4 stalks of . . . → Read More: Pork Rib and Cider Stew with Dumplings

Catching Up

Truly I want to start writing again, or at least more often than…. *looks* Ouch. That’s a long time since my last update. Oh well, this is a good time to start. It has been a very eventful four months since my last post, at the very least it can be described as a wild . . . → Read More: Catching Up

Tap tap . . . Is this thing on

Just a test of the WordPress app for Android.

Drunken Red Beans and Rice

Last night for D&D, I made a variant of Red Beans and Rice we call “‘Drunken’ Red Beans and Rice.” It combines a classic recipe with an interesting twist: hydrating the beans with red wine instead of water. The red wine flavor comes out nicely in the beans after cooking.

. . . → Read More: Drunken Red Beans and Rice

The word of the day is: Wharrgarbl

So, a few of you did (much to my dismay) notice that the server kind of vanished over the weekend. Not having arranged for a backup solution after moving Stasis (my server which this domain, among others, is hosted on) fated me to a bizarre and catastrophic hard drive failure. I got lucky, though, for . . . → Read More: The word of the day is: Wharrgarbl

Shrimp and Chicken Etouffee

I think I found tonight’s dinner.


Hell yeah Dark Sun. Thanks Nate!

Tablet Operating Systems

Tablet devices are a thing for me. I’m going to muse for a bit on the topic, because it comes up a lot in my mind, discussions and house, and I was talking to Sue earlier about it today. In particular, I spend a lot of time thinking about the operating system options out there.

. . . → Read More: Tablet Operating Systems

Expensive Taste

When I break things, clearly I go straight for the pricey shit. We finally got to order the part we needed last night for the princely sum of $140ish shipped. Ouch. At least the machine will be fixed by Friday evening, provided the part ships today. Press pot coffee is good and all, but we . . . → Read More: Expensive Taste