Catching Up

Truly I want to start writing again, or at least more often than…. *looks* Ouch. That’s a long time since my last update. Oh well, this is a good time to start. It has been a very eventful four months since my last post, at the very least it can be described as a wild ride. As work is very busy at the moment but I’m feeling very restless from a mind wandering far and wide, I’ll just stick to the main events and address anything specific if people would like me to.

The foremost event of the past few months happened last month, when my father passed away suddenly, the Sunday/Monday before Christmas. I’ve not really talked extensively about this yet because I find that the times it crosses my mind without my choosing to think about it have been very hard on me, so the thought of choosing to talk about it takes a significant effort of steeling my nerves and will. Truth be told, it’s been almost a month since he died and I still am having a hard time accepting that it happened. The more time that passes, though, the more I am being forced to acknowledge that he is no longer with us. It has deeply affected my ability to focus, think or even control my emotions some days, and I consider it a small victory when I even manage to function like a normal adult during those times.

For those of you who do not follow me over at Facebook, I will try to summarize what happened. Early in the morning on Sunday, December 19th, Dad was rushed to the ER at Bolingbrook Hospital before being diagnosed with a burst vein in the right hemisphere of his brain. He was transferred to Adventist Hinsdale Hospital’s Neuro ICU quickly, but by the afternoon it was fairly hopeless. The doctors gave him 24 hours between EEGs before confirming that he had fully passed, thus his death was declared on Monday the 20th. In the span of 36 hours, he went from being healthy and strong and doing well for his age to deceased. We held the wake on the 29th, wherein over 150 friends, family and coworkers arrived to hear Mom and I tell tales of his life and his legacy.

Eventually, Mom, Aimee and I plan to fly out to Seattle with Dad’s ashes to hold another memorial for his family. I have no idea when that will be, so please don’t ask. If I have time to visit with anybody at all other than family, I will be sure that people are aware, but I do promise I will try to.

Beyond that event, we’ve now been in our new home for over a year now. It definitely feels like home at this point, and we’re so glad to have it and share it with friends and family alike. We’ve started slowly working on fine tuning the house a bit: we’ve begun (finally!) clearing the last boxes out of the loft and will be turning it into a reading and entertaining area. The office is getting a minor rearranging soon to try to make better use of the space. We’ve assured ourselves that this winter will be when we finally get back on track with painting.

My D&D game took a two month hiatus, originally to handle mental burnout from writing all of the game’s materials (since none of it comes from a book or anywhere but my own mind) and then because I wasn’t capable of doing much for awhile after Dad’s passing. Thankfully, I finally cleared away enough of the mental shutdown to start writing again, and this past Sunday was the first session in what felt like forever. It was great to be behind the screen again surrounded by the people who make this game interesting and worth the effort.

I may start a sub-blog for my gaming thoughts, something more publically shared than this blog currently is. The original point of this one was for recipes and cooking ideas, but we have strayed far from that. When, of course, we remember to post at all. ;) So, we’ll see. I may see if writing about the world building I’m doing will get me more interested in long posts again. Facebook has its charms (and its curses) and I enjoy being able to post a picture from my phone on the go, but I’ve often found myself wanting to write in more detail. Ah well. I’ll just start by seeing if I can get any sort of regularity on here first.

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  • Deletham_Tomalak

    I know this is off topic for your site content, but do you have any intention of getting the EVE skill tracker APP working again on webOS? It’s a pretty fantastic APP…

    • Oh man, I completely forgot about that poor app! I’m afraid I haven’t played Eve in ages nor do I have a WebOS device anymore, so that coupled with limited free time means working on the app isn’t going to happen.

      Actually, I’d have to find my source code first to even work on the thing, and the last time I touched it, I was halfway through an extensive rewrite.

      Sorry for abandoning the project, I never realized that too many folks were strongly interested in it. If I can find the source code, I’ll see what I can do to at least find somebody to work on it.

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